10 - 12 Seater Local Minibus Newcastle

When it comes to our reputation in ensuring that any group or team of people numbered 10 or 12 are conveyed to wherever they are going in and around Newcastle without any qualms, you can rely on our 10-12 seater minibus hire Newcastle. You will see the accolades we have gained while offering this service. We have a very huge clientele, all because of the way we serve people. Our customers will always want to come back for our services because only the best treatment is given to them. That is why we employ properly trained, examined, seasoned and experienced drivers and educated and informed customer service officers here at Newcastle 10-12 seater minibus hire.

When it comes to competence, you will get nothing like what we offer from other. It's not every day that you see a Minibus Service Provider with the number of buses we have in our fleet. We have lots of buses, to the extent that whether you want to book for reservation months or weeks before your trip and whether you want to call us the moment you need our minibus, you will definitely have us coming to give you the service you need at the time you need it. It is this competence that ensures that we have never kept any customer waiting upon their arrival at the airport, and none has ever missed their flight because of us.

Because we are competent, we offer only the best minibus brands from premium car makers. With our Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota and other types of buses from BMW, Audi, Citroen and others, you will enjoy riding in comfort. We also ensure that all the possible features and gadgets like radio players, DVDs, CDs, seat belts, adjustable leather seats and others that will make the journey worthwhile are designed into the cars. They are not your regular buses out there. They are customised with improved legroom, high roofs, spacious luggage compartments, etc.

The 10 - 12 seat buses are good for weddings, stag nights, hen parties, days trips, night outs, birthdays, weekend getaways, picnics and many other outings, and they cover the entire Newcastle.