12 - 14 Seater Local Minibus Newcastle

Now, whenever you fail to live up with the trend, you will be left behind. Are you a finesse kind of man? Do you enjoy being savvy with your way of life? You will also need a savvy way of travelling. The only Minibus Hire Firm that really understands the needs of modern day customers and meets all of them in their transportation service is the Local and National Minibus Newcastle. That is why they will always be your ideal option when you want to travel the modern way.

Every member of your group of 12 or 14 passengers will have something they love in our 12-14 seat minibus hire Newcastle because they are not just very solid and efficient on the road, they are also very beautiful and classy as well. Our 12-14 seat minibuses in Newcastle come with features that every modern man will like to enjoy while travelling, and some other features that you may not have imagined. They include different types of technological gadgets that will make the journey a worthy cruise as the bus traverses through the metro and outskirts of Newcastle.

Our 12 and 14 seat minibuses comes with low floors, and with this, customers with social needs can easily access their luggage and handbags. The cars come with a luggage compartment for suitcases, and there is also a feature which allows some seats to be folded so that more loads could be accommodated.

For your safety and comfort, the interior of our minibuses is well fitted. The seats are all leather and they come with amazing lighting accessories. The air conditioning system in our 12 and 14 seat buses is classic and will allow you to adjust as you wish.

We also have GPS tracking devices on all our cars for proper monitoring and effective response in times of emergencies. All the windows in these buses are electric and they can be adjusted as you wish. They also come with very sensitive seat belts that could be activated in seconds to hold you in place. Safety airbags are also placed at the necessary parts of the vehicles.