8 - 10 Seater Local Minibus Newcastle

Local and national minibus Newcastle has solutions for any number of people going on any type of trip. This is because we parade different sizes of modern and innovative minibuses. Now, you have to think about the feeling of getting minibus solutions tailored to your particular needs at rates that can only be described as affordable. This is what you enjoy with our 8 and 10 seat minibuses. Many people who embark on day trips, family outings, airport transfers, social events like weddings and funerals, conferences, meetings, night parties and other outings make use of these sizes of buses.

We work with most of the premium car manufacturers, and we give you the chance to choose the brand you want to travel with. You should avail yourself the opportunity of travelling with our 8 and 10 seat minibuses because there are many benefits to this, and one of them is the fact that you will get to travel in a bus that carters for the people with special needs in your group.

Buses of these sizes come with integrated tachographs. With this, the distance covered, the speed at which it is covered, and some other essential information is gathered. They are always tracked while on the road, so that their location and state could be known, and help offered in case of emergencies.

We have gained a reputation that reverberates among customers and other Minibus Hire Companies as well, because we focus on meeting the requirements of our clients at all times. We do this with a very responsive and knowledgeable support system manned by men who are technically and socially sound. We have the most humble and affable customer service officers, and the expertise of our drivers and their knowledge of the borough of Newcastle is never in doubt. This contributes to the excellent service they offer.

All our buses are equipped with gadgets and features meant to ensure that you enjoy the highest amount of comfort. This ranges from the CDs, DVDs, the leather seats that you can always recline on, their tinted glasses, electric mirrors and windows, and many others.